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Direct Primary Care Physician

Trusted Direct Primary Care Physician

At Prime Medical Clinic, Dr. Ken is your trusted direct primary care physician offering expert care for your illness and injuries. He focuses on delivering healthcare aimed at establishing a direct patient-physician relationship without the restriction of insurance. Recognized for his compassionate care, Dr. Ken advocates personalized patient care that’s reasonably priced.

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About Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative approach to primary care billing and payment where physicians deal with patients directly without the intervention of insurance providers. This alternative payment model allows access to quality healthcare through a simple, affordable membership fee.

Because DPC involves a direct financial relationship between the patient and the physician, it doesn’t bill insurance companies. As a result, the focus remains on patient needs rather than insurance company benefits. Patients enjoy direct access to physicians, authentic therapeutic communication, comprehensive care, and superior health outcomes.

In an age where increasing insurance premiums limit people’s access to quality healthcare and doctors are dictated by insurance companies on how to practice medicine, DPC comes as a respite. The absence of third-party billing allows patients to receive unrestricted access to affordable healthcare with little to no wait time. At Prime Medical Clinic, we also provide patients with a receipt including the insurance codes so they can file with their insurance provider if they wish.

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