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Putting Patients First

Prime Medical Clinic is a direct primary care practice owned by Dr. Ken Watson who devotes himself to comprehensive health care. We directly engage with patients, meaning that as we do not accept insurance we prescribe treatments without the need for review and preapproval.  We provide clients access to a variety of medical and spa services with transparent pricing.  As  patient you have a consultation to agree on a treatment plan including diagnosis, recommended treatment, common laboratory studies and common medications with you paying one price instead of getting multiple bills.  As a patient you have access to contact Dr. Watson after normal business hours for advice and instruction for continuity of medical care.  To be able to provide patients with adequate time and attention to care, it is important to consider subscribing to the clinic's membership service.  For a monthly fee, you can see Dr. Watson as often as needed and have the access you deserve for your medical care.  The number of memberships is limited to assure Dr. Watson can provide proper time and attention for your VIP service.


Prime Medical Clinic

We Specialize…

General Medicine | Coolsculpting |Botox Therapy/Aesthetic Fillers/Sclerotherapy | Hormone Therapy | Age Rejuvenation and Optimization | Osteopathic Manipulation

Dr. Watson's Philosophy of Medicine

Dr. Watson's Philosophy of Medicine

With 15 years of experience, Dr. Ken Watson treats patients, and not just laboratory test results. A board-certified physician, he recommends the best possible medication available around your medical situation. As your direct primary care physician, he offers treatment without being dictated by insurance companies.

Over the years, his passion for family medicine grew stronger as he witnessed more and more insurance companies not doing what is best for the patient, but only what suited their bottom line goals. After many years of practicing medicine and watching insurance companies run the show, he finally decided to leave the comfortable confines of his salaried position to become the doctor he had always dreamed of being.

His styles of medicine don’t just rely on pharmaceuticals or medicines as the only way to heal. Going that extra mile, Dr. Ken offers expert care for your medical condition.

Prime Medical Clinic

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